Research & Development

We conduct research, development and experimentations on the properties and the multiple applications of metals through innovative nanotechnology procedures and artisan manufacture. We collaborate on feasibility studies, technical investigations and innovate through certified prototyping.

Exploring the world of metals

From design to production

Expertise, knowledge, and know-how in metalworking are the starting points to explore, imagine, design and create unique design products for the person and home.

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Combining knowledge

Innovative technology and traditional craftmanship

The artisan manufacture expertise and the noble metals craftmanship know-how are combined together with innovative technologies, particularly nanotechnology, to create a virtuous circle where tradition and innovation feed off each other.There is no innovation without tradition as innovation comes from the improvement of a tradition.

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High quality products made in Italy

Beautiful and well made

Savoir-faire, aesthetic care, quality of materials and of production, beauty and functionality are all together to make unique design pieces.

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Gioel Milano Creativity