Designing metals according to us

Gioel Milano is a young, innovative company that focuses on the research and development of metals and of all their features.
In collaboration with italian and international architects and designers, Gioel Milano gives life to unique pieces of design for person and home: jewels, tableware, home decor and cooking tools. Quality and creativity in the name of daily well-being.

Tradition and innovation

The mission of Gioel Milano is to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation by combining the artisanal expertise, craftmanship and noble metals know-how with cutting-edge production techniques, improved by nanotechnology.

Everyday life


From jewelry to home decor, from kitchenware to tableware, we design and create unique design pieces that give you moments of happyness everyday.

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Gioel Milano Well being
Gioel Milano Creativity

Soul motion


Creativity is a motion of the soul that makes you imagine all things as new. That's how pure silver becomes the best way for cooking, aluminum is colored for home decor and jewelry is transformed into small architectures to be worn.

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Research, develop and test

Research & Development

We conduct research, development and experimentations on the properties and the multiple applications of metals through innovative nanotechnology procedures and artisan manufacture. We collaborate on feasibility studies, technical investigations and innovate through certified prototyping.

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Gioel Milano Research & Development