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Glass/Bottle/Carafe coaster - Sparkling Collection

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A fine chiselling on the rim marks this gold-colored coaster in anodized aluminum, designed to hold glasses, wine and water bottles as well as carafes, it can be used also as an individual bread plate. Design by Mario Trimarchi
Color: Gold

Design: Mario Trimarchi

Year: 2021

Collection: Sparkling

Type: Glass/Bottle/Carafe Coaster - Sparkling Collection

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Anodized

Color: Gold

Dimension: diameter 115 mm - height 14 mm

Weight (g)*: 75.0

SKU: GM010105A

This gold-colored coaster has been designed to hold glasses, wine and water bottles as well as carfes moreover it can be used as an individual bread plate. Lightweight and break-safe.

Gioel Milano Home Decor Still Data Sheet
Gioel Milano Home Decor Sparkling Data Sheet

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