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Molla Necklace

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A square-section sterling silver tube for those who love the essentials.

Design: Frank Hess

Year: 2005

Name: Molla

Material: sterling silver

Finish: polished

Dimension: diameter 16,5 cm - lenght 29 cm

Weight (g)*: 70.0

Closure: open

SKU: sljw59275

* Please note that each Gioel Milano creation is handmade. As a result, weight and size may differ slightly from one creation to other.

The idea is simple and is to bend a silver tube into a square section, this gives birth to an essential piece of jewelry that enhances the neckline, by following its shape. Frank Hess with this necklace emphasizes the purity but at the same time the strength of silver with a flexible and very light necklace.

Put your jewellery on last, after creams, make-up or fragrances for the perfect finishing touch to your look.
Jewellery can become fragile when you lift or carry heavy objects, keep it away if nobody else can do it for you! Your jewels will stay magnificent as long as you preserve them from intense thermal shocks.
Keep your jewellery gleaming by using a soft cloth and specific silver cleaning product that you can easily find on the market. Blackaning of silver jewellery is normal and to be expected due to the exposure to air, light and sun and to the different skin of everyone.

All our creations are carefully wrapped in an elegant case.

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