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Saucepan 22 - PAN999 Collection

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Experience cooking in pure silver! This saucepan will allow you to cook at low temperature, maintaining organoleptic properties, nutritional values and anti-oxidant qualities of food while enhancing its true taste. Perfect for induction, the best cooking results with no waste of energy.

Design: Tobia Scarpa

Year: 2015

Collection: PAN999

Type: Saucepan

Material: Pure Silver - Pure Iron

Finish: Matte

Dimension: Diameter 22 cm - height 8 cm

Weight (kg): 0.91

SKU: GM020404

An amazing saucepan made of iron with a pure silver coating. Pure silver is deposited on the inner surface by electroplating. The silver coating has a minimum thickness of 30 micron and a surface hardness well over that of a silver metal laminate (sheet). Pure iron is subjected to a permanent anti-corrosion treatment. The process for manufacturing this saucepan is protected by an international patent.

PURE SILVER PROPERTIES: permanent antibiotic function - fungicidal and virucidal - best heat conducting metal PURE SILVER BENEFITS: safe and healthful - free from toxic substances - no cytotoxic effects on body

It's ideal for low-temperature cooking, guaranteeing high quality food and energy saving.

Magnetic induction - Ceramic - Electric - Gas - Oven

Gioel Milano Cookware Pan999 Data Sheet
Gioel Milano Cookware Pan999 Use Cleaning Care

All of our creations are carefully packaged in an elegant case. Each product is wrapped in a linen cloth and accompanied by a jar containing a specific product for the silver care, the so-called White of Spain (calcium carbonate)

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